Thursday, December 17, 2009


The SLIS Library would like to extend a hearty "congrats" to all its new graduates! Twenty-one students have reached the end of their (all too brief?) sojourn with SLIS and are preparing to launch themselves into the heart-stopping world of the professional librarian. While we will miss them, we wish them all the best.

This semester's happy graduates include Kathleen Baird, Lori Bird, Michelle Coller, Michelle Downer, Lyra Eugenio-Thomson, Katie Gleischman, Lisa Guidarini, Matthew Jabaily, June Jacob, Christina Johannson, Susan Mannix, Keely Merchant, Sarah Mueller, James Ramsey, Bruce Sullivan, Dennis Trest, Merle Watkins, Suzanne Way, Lisa Winkler, Briana Wolbers, and Megan Zabel. Go get em, grads! Don't forget to write.