Monday, October 29, 2012

Extra, Extra! New Zine Titles Available!

As some of you may already know, the SLIS Library collects Zines, small, self published magazines about, by, or for librarians and libraries.

Currently the library  has a collection of over 25 zines. However, due to their somewhat lack of consistent release dates, zines can be difficult to follow. The SLIS Library has come up with a solution: from now on, you can walk through the Zine collection and any time you see the green call out, like the one in the picture below, you will know that this Zine has been in the library for less than thirty days. Stop by and check them out!

Do you know of any Zines by, about, or for librarians and libraries that you think the SLIS Library should collect? Let us know about it! E-mail us the title and/or how to find it at

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WLA Picks and Info

As many of you know, this week is the Wisconsin Library Association's Annual Conference in La Crosse. Lots of SLIS students, staff, and faculty are going, but if you're not one of them, it's still a good idea to get a taste of what's going on, who is speaking, and what will be discussed. Below are some of the SLIS Library's picks on speakers and programs, but there are TONS of wonderful and interesting topics we don't have space to mention! If you are interested in learning more, take a look at WLA's website here.

Developing a Concert Series at Your Library
Learn how to organize and implement a popular concert series in your library. This session includes recruiting musicians, performance contracts, scheduling, marketing, funding, sound systems, room requirements and much more.

Library Interiors: Maximum Impact for Minimum Input
At a time when swelling library use puts pressure on dwindling budgets, it's tempting to ignore the updates your library interior needs. But increasingly savvy customers expect more from their library experience. Fortunately, re-imagined library interiors don't have to be costly. With creativity and resourcefulness you can make a great impact even with small investments.

Photo of  Whangaparaoa Library Teen Area
Accessibility Best Practices for Instruction Librarians

*Featuring UW Librarians, including Anjali Bhasin!
As champions of information literacy and access, librarians often intend to provide universally accessible service, but don’t always have the  knowledge to do so. At UW-Madison, the Instructional Design Working Group developed accessibility best practices to help our librarians make learning content, whether delivered online or in-person, accessible to all students. We will talk about these best practices as well as how to handle accommodation requests, write curriculum and accessibility statements, and create accessible documents and tutorials.
Open Source on a Budget 
*Featuring SLIS's Dorothea Salo!
You might have heard all sorts of things about open source software. Perhaps you've heard how wonderful the open source community is, or maybe you've instead swapped horror stories of working with non-tech-supported programs.... Come learn how open source really can be a viable option for techies and non-techies alike!

At the Movies with Librarians: Books Coming out as Movies at a Theatre near You
The panel will be discussing popular books being made into upcoming movies in late 2012 and 2013. We will screen the trailers for these films and talk about how well (or how poorly) we think these books will translate to the screen. 

Image from

  RDA Implementation: An Update and Overview
This session will be a general overview of RDA, and give an update on the implementation as done by the Library of Congress and its national partner libraries.

Creating Quality Library Programming for Boys
It can be difficult to dream up programs that work well for boys once they've left storytime. Join us for a discussion on creating programs boys from elementary school through high school will want to attend. We'll also discuss ways to make them feel welcome, how to fill your library with the stuff they want and how to take gender out of the planning process.

eReaders for the Common Good: Instituting an eReader and Other Device Lending Program @ Your Library
Journey with us as we take you through the jungle of trials and tribulations necessary to establish an eReader lending program and policy at your library.

From Madonna's Sex to 50 Shades of Grey: Collection Development Decisions
*Featuring SLIS's Jane Pearlmutter!
Join this program for a lively discussion about the phenomenal success of the "50 Shades" series.  Has something changed in the world and in libraries since Madonna's "Sex," or is it even possible to compare "Sex" to "50 Shades?"  We will hear different viewpoints on this particular book and the more general issues surrounding erotica in publishing and libraries today.

Image from USA Today

Using Technology to Make Local History Accessible to the Community
After gathering dust for decades in tucked-away file cabinets, historic photographs became community resources when uploaded to an online photo album. No longer trapped in the memories of village citizens, immigration stories came alive when videotaped and posted online. With a few technological tools and the library website, the presenters made their area's history accessible worldwide and increased community involvement.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SLIS in the news

SLIS Director Kristin Eschenfelder was recently featured in both The New York Times and the Sauk Prairie Eagle newspaper. She weighs in in the NYT's Room for Debate section, discussing the topic "Does the Law Support Inventors or Investors?" Read Kristin's arguments here. She is also quoted in the Eagle, discussing the role of libraries in small communities, saying "libraries have always been about more than books." Read the Eagle article here.