Monday, May 14, 2012

E-Books in America (and at SLIS)

Nothing provides a quick dose of information quite like an infographic. Particularly a pretty infographic. We're big fans of the site Daily Infographic here at SLIS, and the perfect one came across the desk this morning:


There were little tidbits on borrowing vs. buying behavior for e-reader users:


And on overall reading habits for e-book users:


You can check out the whole thing here:

Whatever your stance on the paper vs. e-reader debate (this article appeared in the Twin Cities' Star Tribune this weekend), chances are that many of your patrons will be using e-readers. Did you know that the SLIS Library has a bunch for SLIS students to try out? We have several Kindles (Fire, Keyboard, and Touch), a Nook Color and a Nook Simple Touch, and an iPad. Summer's a great time to play around with an e-reader (anyone else hiding a summer romance novel cover?) and get to know what the fuss is about.