Monday, November 10, 2008

A Plea on Plugs in the Library

As most of you have noticed, we do now have power at the wall tables by the Cat Lab door and over in the "Quiet Alcove." To make it easier to plug in, we've plugged in short corded power strips and put them on the table tops. Please do not remove these to use the other wall outlets by the lake windows. We do have extension cords you can borrow to use other outlets in the library comfortably, but we need to NOT leave extension cords plugged in to them. Theses outlets have not been upgraded and we have code issues with such behavior. Thanks for your help with this. Also--The table neared the video/DVD shelving is purposely kept shoved over away from the outlet a bit further than works for most computer cords. We have a leak problem and I'm trying to save the table from further damage. We are in line for a roof repair.... Please ask to borrow an extension cord if you need one to use your laptop there.

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