Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top 10 ways to spot the arrival of spring from the 4th floor of Helen C.:

10. The contents of the lost and found diminish-anyone missing a left glove?
9. You can make more use of daylight when you're sitting in the comfy chairs by the window
8. SLIS lab library workers are commencing in periodical cleaning whilst humming merry tunes
7. The clocks in the Computer lab and Cat lab go from Mountain Standard time to even more wrong
6. Library patrons are shocked with the latest gossip, not static
5. The polar and tropical climate zones in the library become more temperate
4. The tissue boxes are emptied, not for melting nostrils, but for allergic ones
3. The view from the window reveals ice fishers are being replaced by sail boats on the lake
2. The Chinese characters on the windows-ask Tien-I in the Cat Lab!
1. The one degree you're concerned with is designated by the University, not by Fahrenheit

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