Friday, July 29, 2011

Announcing the Winners of the 2011 SLIS Student Awards!

Congratulations to the following recipients of the 2011 SLIS Student Awards!
Check out the SLIS Awards page HERE for in-depth descriptions of all awards, criteria, and application information.

C. Berger Entrepreneurial Promise Award
This year’s award is given to Fritz Hoehn.   In supporting her nomination of Fritz, Debora Shapiro said, “On his resume, there is ample evidence of situations where he perceived an opportunity, and seized it. For example, while in the military and stationed Haiti, he and several others in his unit started a free school for kids in the area, whose families couldn't afford private school, that also provided teaching experience for adults. I believe that Fritz will continue to apply his entrepreneurial spirit to his career in librarianship.” 

Dianne McAfee Hopkins Diversity Award
This year’s award is given to Melissa J. Nicholas in recognition of her contributions to the student chapter of REFORMA, including the Grant Writing Workshop she organized, and for her work in the MERIT Library in developing the LGBTQ young adult book collection and LGBTQ book displays. 

Valmai Fenster Award for Outstanding Promise for Exceptional Scholarly Contribution to the Profession
This year’s award is given to David Woken for his paper,
“Progress and setbacks in the formation of a print counterculture: La Protesta goes daily, 1903-1905”  

Honorable mentions are given to Gregory Bond for his paper,
“Unnecessary and Unpractical: The Baltimore Civil Rights Movement and the Color Line Behind the Desk and the Enoch Pratt Free Library, 1925-1945”
and to Eric Wiley for his paper,
“Appraisal in Community Archives Collections: A case Study of University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee Appraisal Methods and Decisions for LGBT Collections.” 

Lawrence C. Zweizig Student Leadership Award 
This year’s award is given to Eric Wiley for his leadership within the Society of American Archivists-Student Chapter. 

A special runner-up Zweizig Student Leadership Award, sponsored by SLIS Class of 2010, is given to Erinn Batykefer in recognition of her work in the development of the “e-book petting zoo” for the Reading Interests of Adults course and for her participation in the statewide public library e-book summit sponsored by the Department of Public Instruction, Division for Libraries, Technology and Community Learning.

 James Krikelas Award for Innovative Use of Information Technology
This year’s award is given to Jiekun Yang for her work in Database Design for Libraries and Information Agencies. In this course, she created a database called the Web Content Coding and Analyzing database which can be used by researchers to “code selected web content and link them with proper target group, type, author, and subject,” to be used on the Public Library Financial Literacy Project with Professors Eschenfelder and Smith. 

Larry Jacobsen Innovations in Library Science Award
This year’s award is given to Kate Hill on the basis of her exceptional strengths not only in an understanding of collection development and all its subprocesses, but also of scholarly communication and the challenges of upholding intellectual freedom in an academic library setting.  

The Penelope and Stephen Klein Scholarship Award
This year’s award is given to Erinn Batykefer by the Klein family on the basis of her impressive resume and insightful and thoughtful application essay.  Erinn is finishing her first year in the program, and hopes eventually to work in a public library focusing on electronic access. 

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