Monday, March 19, 2012

Snarky book jackets protect privacy

Since the explosion of ebooks/readers, many ereader users say they like the privacy of their screen, because it prevents onlookers from snooping on what they're reading. Well, print lovers, you can now enjoy the same privacy, and hopefully some uninterrupted reading time! Designed by some ingenious minds, the "Go Away" Dust Jacket series are free, downloadable, and printable book jackets that provide book privacy and inform onlookers that you don't want to be disturbed! Feast your eyes:

The jackets feature snarky comments (notice the lower left book in the right picture says "In Forks, send help") and fit average-sized YA Books. Click here to visit Erin Bowman's blog, where you can download the book jackets.

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