Sunday, April 22, 2012

SLIS Student Awards

Congratulations to this year's SLIS Student Awards winners!

Laura Farley - Valmai Fenster Award for Outstanding Promise of Exceptional Scholarly contribution to the Profession
This award was created in honor of Valmai Fenster, a former SLIS faculty member, to recognize exceptional scholarship of a SLIS student as evidenced in a scholarly paper.

Dawn Wing - Dianne McAfee Hopkins Diversity Award
This award was created in honor of Dianne McAfee Hopkins, the first African-American SLIS faculty member and committed leader in school library education, intellectual freedom, and diversity in the library profession.

Megan Schiebel - Penelope and Stephen Klein Scholarship Award
Penelope Klein earned an MA from SLIS in 1997. In thanks for her years at SLIS, she and her husband offer this scholarship to a SLIS student who is entering into the second year of study at SLIS, intends to have a career as a public librarian, and has a background in the humanities.

Jennifer Kirmer - Lawrence C. Zweizig Student Leadership Award 
This award, given in honor of late SLIS graduate Lawrence Zweizig, serves to recognize and nurture leadership in the first year master's students, thereby helping to sustain the School's commitment to graduating future leaders in the profession. 

Carissa Christner, Nicole Colburn, Kat McLarn, Angela Terrab, Jackie Zook - Award winners
Sara Cummins, Melissa Nicholas, Molly Khan - Honorable Mention
James Krikelas Award for Innovative Use of Information Technology
This award, in honor of Emeritus Professor James Krikelas, recognizes the work of SLIS students who have presented the innovative use of information technology through a SLIS course assignment.

Dawn Wing - Lawrence Jacobsen Innovations in Library Science Scholarship Award
This award was established by Larry Jacobsen to support a second year SLIS student who needs financial assistance in completing his or her second year, has a focus on academic and/or special libraries, and demonstrates skills as a potential difference make in librarianship.

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Meagan Schiebel said...

Congratulations to all!

Also, I don't mean to be nit-picky but I was wondering if you could correct the spelling of my name (Meagan Schiebel not Megan). Thank you!

Potudan said...

A year down the road and the name is still spelled wrong. Seems like SLIS in a nutshell.