Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Librarians: Masters of the info universe

When the economy looks bleak for just about everyone, sometimes it's hard to believe that you're on the right track in a degree program.  Well, here's a good reason to be confident in an LIS education:  CNN thinks librarians rule the world!
This morning's article, titled Librarians: Masters of the info universe, CNN librarian Kerith Page McFadden highlights some of the important things librarians are capable of doing in a world increasingly overloaded and information-sick, and gives an ego-boosting run-down of some of the famous thinkers and leaders who have been librarians or library workers.  Check out some these highlights, be confident in your degree, and celebrate National Library Week with us!

  • Past library workers include world leaders and a famous lover...guess who!
  • "Star Wars" creator George Lucas has his own research library on his Skywalker Ranch.
  • The chief librarian of Basra, Iraq, saved 30,000 books by removing them from library before it was destroyed.
  • A librarian found one of Beethoven's final compositions at Palmer Theological Seminary when she was clearing out the archives.

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